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Guitar Atlas: Brazil

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Venture out of the ordinary and expand your musical horizons with guitar styles from Brazil. This book introduces the musical elements that are at the heart of the Brazilian sound. In addition to rhythms such as tango brasileiro, choro, samba, and bossa nova, a rich vocabulary of characteristic chord sequences is covered, with techniques for integrating Brazilian melodic and accompaniment styles.

The music notation, instantly familiar to experienced fingerstyle and classical guitarists, includes chord diagrams above both standard music notation and TAB to make learning trouble free for all players. Featuring a number of distinctively Brazilian solo compositions, this thorough yet concise introduction to the world of Brazilian guitar makes it fun and easy to play the fascinating styles of one of the world's richest musical traditions.

The complete package is a 48-page book plus a CD which demonstrates all the examples and compositions featured in the book.

This book is published and carried by Alfred Music and can be found on numerous websites like Amazon or contact Billy directly.
Guitar Atlas: Brazil
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